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Our mission is founded by love and community, cooking and delivering meals to the families of moms with cancer in areas of the Hudson Valley.  Sparrow's Nest provides 2 homemade trays of food to our recipients each week.  Did you know the average meal takes 4 hours to prepare: planning the menu, a trip to the grocery store, prepping the food and cooking the dish?  Our primary goal is to give a mom some of those precious hours back so she can concentrate on getting better.

Out of approximately 800 worthy charities nominated for their service benefiting women in their local community, Sparrows Nest was one of 8 chosen to receive $25,000 from the jewelry icon, Pandora.  

A jury, appointed by Pandora, chose the top 20 and the public voted on their favorite 8.  Founder and CEO, Krista Jones was flown to Los Angeles to receive the award this past November 2014.  Our charity plans to use the generous award to expand the mission.  We are so grateful to Pandora and the support of our local community.

Hudson Valley Magazine Hero of the Hudson Valley
Sparrow's Nest

Hudson Valley Magazine names Sparrow's Nest, December's Hero of the Hudson Valley.  Click on story below.

To Bethenny and her wonderful staff: Thank you for having us on your
nationally syndicated show and for JCPenney's $10,000 donation
towards the construction of our very needed Health Department Approved Kitchen that we are hoping to build in the next month so that we can extend into the Connecticut and Westchester areas. 

A letter from our founder, Krista Jones:

Just two short years ago, I lost a dear friend.  Then, in a matter of months, I received the devestating news that 4 other friends were battling cancer.  I couldn't find a cure, because after all, I am only a mom...but I am a mom and maybe that is the most important thing of all.  I knew I could cook...such a small thing that offered such needed relief and I realized, I could do it for the masses....more importantly, I wanted to do it for the masses.  In and out.  Ringing the doorbell, offering a smile and a warm home cooked meal....  not being a disruption to the woman whose life had been turned upside down, but instead providing relief.  The burden of stress lifted for someone who is too sick to cook, too sick to think of what to make for dinner, too sick to shop for it and often too financially destitute to buy it.  Problem solved.  We walk in your door for a brief moment once each week, with two trays of food and give you extra precious moments to concentrate on how to get better....NOT how to take care of your family.  We got this and before you know it, you will too.